RV Cooling Units

We build aftermarket cooling units for RV refrigeration in the industry. Our cooling units are hand-welded by highly skilled tradesman using an oxy-fuel welding process rather than the mig welding process. Our polyurethane evaporator foam packs are made in highly precise molds to ensure easy installation in the refrigerator cabinet.
Changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make. The cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator. Check out our installation page for more details.
Our Boilers
Our boilers are built with heavy duty, seamless tubing and our innovative design and craftsmanship allows our boilers to out perform and outlast competitors' units.

We Make It Easy

It's pretty common that your RV refrigerator, direct from the manufacturer, will not last forever. When your unit is showing signs of distress or stops working entirely, it likely needs a replacement cooling part. OEM units simply don't have a long lifespan. We can help!
We Build Your Replacement
We Build Your Replacement
We custom-build each replacement to fit your unit, using heavy-duty seamless tubing and an oxy-fuel welding process rather than mig welding. We will ship direct to you.
We Build Your Replacement
Send Us Your Old Unit
All of our cooling units are sold on an exchange basis. This means we get the old cooling unit back in exchange for the cooling unit we are sending you. We pay for the return freight; all you have to do is package the old unit and we will have UPS or FedEx come by and pick-up the old unit. It's easy and affordable for you!
We Build Your Replacement
You are back in business!
See, this was easy and it didn't break the bank. Camping is NO fun with a warm fridge. RV Parts Wholesale will help ensure your rv refrigerator stays cool and safe for years to come!


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