About Us

In 1994 after several years working in the refrigeration industry, and due to the fact that manufactured RV refrigerators had a consistent high-failure rate, the need for safer, quality aftermarket cooling units became evident.  That is how RV Cool RV Refrigeration came to be. 


We build the toughest aftermarket cooling units for Norcold and Dometic RV refrigeration in the industry. Based out of Greenbrier, Arkansas, we offer several things in each unit we produce: years of industry knowledge and experience as well as cutting edge technology used to custom build and test our units for excellence.

Our units are built with Bullet-Proof Boilerâ„¢ technology; this includes heavy duty, seamless tubing that can handle the thermal stress to the boiler tubing by the heaters.  Our innovative design will out-perform and outlast any of our competitors units. Our Bullet-Proof Boilerâ„¢ technology is used on mostly on 6 cubic foot cooling units and larger.

We offer retail purchase online, as well as an extensive dealer network nationwide.